The tepcon telematics system traisy was given a guest appearance in the TV show Grip on Sunday, 31 April, when the duel between the GRIP test driver team and the forwarding professional Cargo International from Villingen-Schwenningen took place. The decisive question here: Who will deliver the urgently needed lamp faster to the lighthouse on Norderney? A race against time over 700 km across Germany. The Grip Team was on the road with an Audi Q8, the forwarding professional used various transport routes, including an aircraft and a helicopter.

The race was exciting, with some traffic jams, hurdles and critical weather conditions. The parcel tracking with traisy was simple and convenient. Perfectly in view and reachable with one click - so the forwarding manager Alessandro Mastrantonio monitored the parcels via the traisy portal on his screen. A piece of cake for our star "traisy", with which goods, vehicles and people in transport and logistics processes as well as machines in production processes can be monitored, controlled and coordinated.

It was a pleasure for us to be part of the 4th GRIP Courier Challenge. We are already looking forward to the next challenge!

The final outcome of the duel will not be revealed at this point. Instead, we recommend that you enjoy the full length of the contribution. Especially for all car and motor fans a must:

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